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2018 Guangzhou Digital Printing Heat Transfer Machine Exhibition
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Digital printing has become a new profit point in the personalized printing industry

     According to the latest Smithers Pira research report, digital printing has grown rapidly from 2009 to 2017 at a rate of 23% per year, and has accelerated development. It is estimated that by 2020, the total output of digital printing will reach 300 billion square meters. The development speed is amazing, and the digital printing industry is about to enter the big bang.


With the increasingly diversified development trend of customers, the digital printing industry has developed from large-scale production to small-volume, multi-variety and individualization. It has high-quality output and meets customers' needs for small-volume and personalized printing. . As an emerging printing method, digital printing technology has satisfied the market's increasingly diverse mid-to-high end demand with its high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect and less pollution. The rise of this personalized demand has given birth to individualization. Printing and printing market. Textiles, clothing, curtains, handbags, leather, bags, mugs, mouse pads, mobile phone cases, wood panels, glass, ceramics, decorative paintings, wallpapers, etc., as long as the products with personalized patterns are widely welcomed by consumers. These all bode well for the attractive prospects of the personalized printing and printing market. This is a personalized gold mining market with a potential market charm of hundreds of millions of dollars. There is no monopolist, and each company has time to cultivate its own brand.

    Guangzhou is one of China's important economic centers and is the center of the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and is China's most important foreign trade window. The two-year “Canton Fair” is held here. Excellent geographical environment and solid industrial foundation. Together with the professional operation skills and rich buyer resources of the organizer, this will help the "2018 Guangzhou International Digital Printing Exhibition and the 4th Guangzhou International Thermal Transfer Exhibition" to become more brilliant!