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Clothing companies buy sewing machine performance test common sense(2)
- Oct 30, 2018 -

Fourth, low noise, low vibration design. The mechatronic sewing machine uses computer anatomy, which optimizes the design from the structure of the casing to the small parts of each part, thereby minimizing noise and vibration during daily work. In addition, this type of machine achieves the best balance in the design of the machine head. The transmission of the upper and lower shafts is transmitted through the synchronous toothed belt, which greatly reduces the noise and achieves low vibration and low noise. Therefore, when purchasing, no matter which brand of machine, regardless of the price difference, the low vibration and low noise processing of the mechatronic sewing machine are one of its characteristics. If the effect is not good, the purchase should be abandoned. .

Fifth, the degree of automation is high, and the operation is labor-saving. When the user is testing the machine, it is necessary to debug the automation function of the mechatronic sewing machine to see if it can automatically complete the set sewing work. Such as laser or infrared film positioning, automatic seaming, automatic adjustment of thick sewing thread tension, automatic shifting, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic needle filling, human-machine dialogue user programming, automatic tracking of sewing process and so on.


In addition, some humanized design of mechatronic sewing machine is also one of its characteristics, to make corresponding comparisons when purchasing. Such a machine is wider in the discharge part than the conventional sewing machine, so that the fabric to be sewn is easier to pick up and rotate; the bottom thread winding device is mounted on the arm, the adjustment of the winding amount and the disassembly and assembly of the bobbin are simple; It is necessary to press the button or operate the rotary pedal to work, or even fully automatic work; the easy-to-understand and easy-to-use operation panel makes the operator easy to remember and does not cause confusion when operating.