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Function difference of heat press machine
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Free heat transfer was first spread in the United States and Western Europe. The early heat transfer was not so much a hot print as a hot word, but mainly some popular slogans and characters, and later gradually developed into vivid patterns. With the development of the economy, the progress of society, the new and new human beings are increasingly advertised with individuality, coupled with the development of computer technology and the development of related software, these are undoubtedly powerful for the free hot stamping industry. Heat-painting clothing has been popular in Europe and the United States, becoming a popular casual wear. Because of its simple printing process and easy operation, the required materials are economical and easy to obtain, and can be widely printed on various substrates, such as knitted T-shirts, denim, plush, toys, shoes, backpacks, nylons. Cap and so on. It can be transferred to the fabric with a heat transfer machine, which can be used in industry and is convenient for civilian use. Heat transfer can be divided into foaming heat transfer, offset heat transfer, infiltration heat transfer, colorful bead heat transfer, laser heat transfer, flocking heat transfer, reflective heat transfer, gold and silver hot flower and water-based heat transfer.

1. Foaming heat transfer: clear layer, good elongation, safe transfer, clear pattern and bright colors.

2. Infiltration heat transfer: The ink layer is thin, breathable, clear and delicate, and it is natural and realistic in overall effect.

3. Off-the-spot heat transfer: The pattern is fine, the effect is exquisite, and there is a k-style photo effect, which can maintain the original charm and artistic charm.

4. Water-based heat transfer: suitable for all kinds of fabrics, good water resistance and excellent flexibility.

5. Gold and silver heat transfer: shiny gold, suitable for knitting T-shirts, backpacks. Heat transfer originated in the United States, has a long history and tradition, because of its simple printing process, easy to operate,

6. Colorful beads heat transfer: The pattern is composed of colored beads, especially suitable for women's wear and children's wear;

7. Laser heat transfer: colorful laser pattern.

8. Flocking heat transfer: the pattern is flocking effect;

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