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Heat transfer machine operation precautions
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Pay attention to the following points when operating the heat transfer machine:

1 Pressure: If the pressure is not enough or too large, adjust the pressure knob after the machine to increase the pressure in the clockwise direction; otherwise, reduce the pressure;

2 time: When the hot stamping time arrives and the buzzer does not ring or keeps ringing, if it is not suitable, it must be adjusted to the appropriate position;

3 Temperature: When the adjusted temperature arrives, the temperature controller pointer points to the position of “180°C” (approx. 5 minutes). If the power-on thermometer rises and the heating plate does not heat up, please check the circuit.

4 When the handle is pressed down, the hand is released and the handle is automatically raised. Please adjust the adjustment knob downwards. When the stamping is completed and the handle is lifted up and feels too hard, adjust the adjustment knob down.