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How to transform the steaming of the sewing machine presser foot
- Nov 03, 2018 -

In the process of transforming the special sewing machine for the ordinary sewing machine, in order to facilitate the operator's operation and reduce the labor intensity, we have carried out the pneumatic modification of the presser foot lifting mechanism. This technical improvement has achieved good results, and is briefly introduced as follows.

Pneumatic system component selection configuration: the pressure of the presser foot of the general industrial sewing machine is generally 30 ~ 50n; the exhaust pressure of the common compressor is less than 0.8mpa; consider the pressure loss of the pipeline in the centralized gas supply or the air compressor in the single gas supply Frequent start-up problems, the pressure relief valve setting pressure can be between 0.3 ~ 0.5mpa. The presser foot lever ratio can be set or measured. System components can be selected based on these basic parameters.

1. Cylinder: According to the installation position, the type and structure are selected. This design selects the cylinder bore Ф20, the stroke 5mm double-acting thin-type cylinder, the port M5X0.8 to connect the quick connector, and the plug 4 hose specifications.

2, Solenoid valve: choose two-position five-way single electric control type, A, B port plug 4 hose, P port R1/8′′ connect quick connector, plug 8 hose, with foot switch. The reversing function is also A pedal or button valve can be used instead.

3, Cylinder restrictor (speed control valve): select the type of pipe / with quick connector, plug 4 hose specifications.

4, Muffler: joint thread and solenoid valve 0 port matching.

5, Filter pressure reducing valve with pressure gauge: the use of cylinders and valves without additional lubrication, eliminating the need for oil mist.

Specifications: rated flow 5501 / min, take-up diameter Rcl / 4, pressure range 0.05 ~ 0.85MPa. Also equipped with a quick connector R1/4" plug 8 hose.

In this design, the lever ratio is 1/2, the presser foot pressure is 50N, and the pressure reducing valve set pressure is 0.35 MPa.

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