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Industrial sewing machine servo system fault detection method
- Nov 03, 2018 -

Today's industrial sewing electrical control systems generally have the function of intelligent automatic detection of faults. We can determine what faults occur in the system according to different alarm codes of the system, and further determine which part has a problem. After determining the fault code, we can use the corresponding processing method to repair. Different brands of electronic control systems may use different fault codes, but the specific categories of faults are not much different. In addition, the instructions of the electronic control system are marked with obvious and specific comments.

At the same time, during the operation of the industrial sewing machine, the maintenance technician can observe the machine carefully by visual observation, and then compare with the situation when the system is working normally, thereby narrowing the fault range or directly finding the fault location. For example, observe whether there are any scratches on the surface of the controller and the display screen, whether the plug is disconnected, whether the lead is disconnected, whether the components of the circuit board are burnt, broken, and pinned.

Sometimes the operator replaces the corresponding component on the device with a new component to determine if the component is faulty, the faulty part, or the specific component of the fault. Repairs should start with large parts and replace them one by one until the fault is detected. This method is mainly used when the accessories are sufficient or the electronic control system is replaced.

For example, when repairing the AC servo system, it is necessary to first determine whether it is a system problem. Generally, the method of changing the normal control box is adopted to determine whether the fault is an industrial sewing machine or a control box. This method is also used when repairing the circuit board. Replace the "suspected" faulty components in the circuit with good components, observe the changes of the controller, and judge the fault.

Sometimes the electromagnet function of the industrial sewing electrical control system has a fault alarm. It can be judged whether other circuits are faulty by disconnecting the electromagnet connector or further disconnecting the electromagnet supply voltage. When the AC servo controller is in normal operation, the working voltage at each point in the machine indicates the working condition of the machine within a certain range. When the fault occurs, the working voltage must change. The measuring voltage method is to use a multimeter to detect whether the working voltage of each plug and the test board of the machine is too large or too small, and judge the specific fault cause according to the abnormal condition of the voltage. When measuring, be sure to measure the AC voltage and DC voltage with different gears of the multimeter. The measurement voltage method is usually measured when the machine is powered, so pay attention to one-hand operation and safety first.