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Manual heat press machine operation
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. Pull the straight handle to pull the heater plate completely open. Plug in the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on; Note: Due to the high power of the machine, the whole machine must have a suitable protective ground wire.

2. Temperature adjustment: Press “+” or “-” to set the temperature, press “+” to increase the temperature setting value, press “-” to decrease the temperature setting.

3. Adjust the left timer knob to adjust to the appropriate time to 10 seconds (depending on the length of the material);

4. When the temperature reaches the set value, the machine will automatically enter the constant temperature state;

5, the transfer of things such as clothes and flat on the printing table, and then transfer the picture to be transferred, the pressure handle is pressed down; Note: the pressure can not be too large, otherwise it will cause the pressure handle deformation! The pressure should be adjusted beforehand.

6. When the time is up, the buzzer will sound. At this time, lift the pressure handle, take out the transferred material such as clothes, and tear off the bottom paper.

7, the temperature of the baking metal plate is generally 170-200 ° C, the time is 20-40 seconds; the temperature of the baked porcelain plate is generally 200-220 ° C, the time is 120-150 seconds; the temperature of the baked fabric is generally 120-140 ° C, The time is 5-10 seconds.