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Reasons for broken stitches of single needle sewing machine
- Nov 09, 2018 -

The single-needle sewing machine is a common phenomenon, and it is a problem that every maintenance person must seriously think about and be careful. Here, the single-needle sewing machine is listed as a "common phenomenon" and a "problem". The purpose is to broaden the thinking, to understand and explain this phenomenon, to be safe in practice and to do its best. The reduction of this phenomenon occurs.

Single needle sewing machine reverse stitch breaks are divided into two categories according to working conditions. The first type is the reverse seam completely on the work object, and the second type is the reverse seam which is not completely possible on the work object.

When studying the reverse seam breakage, it is necessary to understand the main cause of the broken seam. The continuous seam is the basis of the reverse seam. There are many reasons for the seam breakage. In summary, the needles and sutures used are of poor quality; the stitches are not matched with the needles; including the presser foot, the needle board, the hook, the hook positioning hook, and the delivery There are sharp burrs or lines that are pulled by the line in all the line parts of the teeth; the quality of the hook positioning hook is not good (the geometry is not conducive to the thread take-up line); the quality of the hook is poor (some Can not guide the needle thread to smooth around the bobbin bobbin case, some hook line tip hypertrophy is too round and blunt, some rotation does not slip and friction resistance); needle bar and hook shuttle timing is not correct; needle bar and lifting teeth The timing of the delivery eccentricity is incorrect; the needle temperature is too high during sewing. After these problems are solved, the general positive seam is basically no problem.