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Sewing machine and its buying skills
- Oct 26, 2018 -

  How to choose a sewing machine? Is it clear what you plan to do? Also be clear about what effect to achieve?

  In fact, think about it carefully, our needs may be vague and changing. For example, suddenly you saw an excellent work, is your inspiration bursting?

  Or let's see what they look like.

sewing machine-mk309-2

  The electric household sewing machine is a machine that combines multiple functions. It can be used not only for straight seams, curved seams, but also for buttons and seams. An electric motor is mounted inside, and sewing can be performed by simply pressing the pedal.


  There are more and more smart home machines, and there are micro-computer controls inside, which can easily realize hundreds or thousands of stitch patterns, including alphanumeric characters, etc., not only can be buttoned, but can even be transformed into an embroidery machine. The operation is also more and more convenient. In fact, the smart machine is more suitable for novices, just like an automatic car is easier than manual gear.


   Industrial sewing machine, this is used for production, in order to be efficient, so the speed and function is its characteristics. The speed is at least 3-5 times that of the household machine. At the same time, the high speed requires good stability, so it is made of metal material from the inside to the outside, and the weight is large and large; the function is single, for example, the straight sewing machine can only take a straight line.