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Sewing machine jumper problem repair(1)
- Dec 21, 2018 -

 1, can not lead to the bottom line.

       Analysis: The shuttle wire is too short, the shuttle wire is clamped on the shuttle door, the needle is too high, and the shuttle cannot hold the wire loop.

       Treatment method: Stretch the shuttle line, check if the bottom line is stuck, and eliminate it. Needle bar connection shaft solid screw loose needle bar up, should lower the needle bar, re-align the needle, tighten the fastening screw.

       2. The needle bar is shaken.

       Analysis: Needle bar hole, needle bar wear, needle bar connection screw loose, needle bar displacement.

       Treatment method: change the needle bar sleeve, or select a new needle bar, re-align the needle; and tighten the set screw.

       3, after a number of needles jump a needle thread.

       Analysis: The shuttle is worn, the tip of the shuttle is too blunt, and the needle is too high or too low.

       Treatment: Change the needle bar, adjust the needle bar height or the needle height, and re-align the needle.