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Sewing machine knowledge: common sewing accessories and uses(ONE)
- Nov 06, 2018 -

1. Qualification aid

The gauge is also called the guide ruler, the guide frame, the limiter, the sewing material controller, the guide plate or the tool block, etc., as the name implies, is an attachment device for specifying the size and guiding operation on the sewing device. The gauge can be independently installed at a specific position of the sewing device to define or indicate the seam distance at the edge of the seam or other parts, so that the operation is labor-saving, the distance of the sewn product is uniform, and the seam distance is equal.

2. Presser foot accessory

The presser foot is an indispensable part of the feeding mechanism of the sewing equipment. It plays the role of pressing or clamping the sewing material to ensure reliable feeding of the machine, ensuring the smooth formation of the loop of the needle thread and reliable hooking of the hook. At present, various sewing machine equipments have been designed according to the different requirements of the objects to be used, so they have their own limitations. If different special presser feet are replaced on various sewing equipments, the original can be overcome and improved. Some limitations make it add new features, which is a way to get twice the result.

3. Feeding method auxiliary parts

Feeding movement is one of the most basic sewing operations. However, the earliest sewing machines did not have a feeding mechanism. In other words, the first feeding mechanism appeared in the form of auxiliary parts. Currently, in thousands of sewing machines, There are many different ways to deliver the performance of the feeding task.