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Sewing machine knowledge: common sewing accessories and uses(TWO)
- Nov 06, 2018 -

1. Edge stitching aid      

The seamer is a general term for various seaming aids and is one of the most important characters in the sewing machine accessory family. The seamer mainly includes four types of double crimper, three crimper, edger and edger.

2. Mosaic helper

The inserter is a high-quality and high-efficiency special sewing accessory inlaid with various ribs, ropes, belts and lines on the sewing products. It is a category derived from the side seam type auxiliary parts.

3. Tucker aid

The pleating device was previously an auxiliary device for assisting the pleating of the hem. As with the feeding method, a large part of the pleating device has been developed into a special pleating device, which can not only sew the fabric, but also sew and sew large or even the entire sewing material. There are no fewer than a few hundred pleats.

4. Other auxiliary parts

Such as commonly used threaders, zigzag stitches, keyholes, stretchers, presser lifts, powerful tractors, etc. Thanks to the use of various types of accessories, the sewing machine adds new functions, achieving labor saving, high speed and automation. The use of accessories can achieve significant economic benefits.