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Sewing machine sewing down fabric processing method for stitching at extra thick seam
- Dec 19, 2018 -

 The down fabric is added with vacuum cotton and down stitching to form a special thick 0.7 0.7-1.11cm. In this state, the needle and the stitch are not easy to form a good loop, which leads to a jump stitch. According to the case of such a thick layer, the feeding problem is first solved, and the feed dog is replaced with a thick feed dog. The capacity of the needle plate should be larger, and the feed cam should be adjusted accordingly:

Adjustment standard: the tooth is at the highest point, the needle tip of the needle should be in the needle plate container, and the height of the needle bar should be adjusted greatly. The height of the needle bar should be at the bottom dead point of the needle bar, down to the third line of the needle bar scale. Then 0.1cm is used, the principle of increasing the stroke of the needle bar is used to complete the hook line, and the needle and hook line time also changes. The needle bar adjusts the angle when the first line is raised from the bottom dead center, and the angle adjustment value and The above agreement, increase the pressure of the presser foot, due to the extra thick material, the needle is easy to produce friction and heat. It is also possible to make the wire loop difficult to travel, and if necessary, it is necessary to add a silicone oil crossing to solve it.