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Shaking head heat press machine operation mode
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. Connect the 220V plug, turn on the main power switch, and the power indicator light is on; (Note that the whole machine must have a solid protective ground wire)

2. Adjust the thermostat to the required temperature (usually 180-200 ° C);

3. Adjust the timer to the required time (usually around 40-45 seconds);

4, put the clothes flat on the silica gel board, and then stack the heat transfer paper (the heat transfer paper has a pattern facing the part of the clothes to be transferred), press the handle firmly until it is completely closed; (Note that the pressure should not exceed 30Kg, otherwise it may cause the handle to deform)

5. When the time indicating the hot stamping is over, the buzzer sounds and the handle is returned to the original position;

6. If it is a cold-tipped heat transfer paper, please wipe the eraser paper evenly with a blackboard eraser, wait 5-10 seconds before tearing off the heat transfer paper;

7. If it is hot torn heat transfer paper, you need to tear off the heat transfer paper immediately after hot stamping.

Successful hot stamping requires the right time, temperature and pressure to match each other. The thickness and material of the garment and the type of hot stamping paper all affect the hot stamping effect. All kinds of hot stamping papers need to be tested and sampled before they can be mass-produced.