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Solve the catch of overlock sewing machine feeding mechanism
- Nov 09, 2018 -

After the overlock machine has been used for a period of time, many operators will find that the sewing equipment suddenly has a noise increase, and the machine has a failure phenomenon that the feeding mechanism is stuck. After removing the sewing table and the cover of the machine, we found that there is black dirt on the lifting slider of the feeding mechanism, and the large connecting rod in the eccentric portion of the feeding has dirt and yellow dirt, and the surrounding parts are drier. No trace of lubrication. For the above fault phenomenon, the author analyzes and judges that the part is not lubricated in place, resulting in noise increase and mechanical jam due to lack of oil.

After deriving the scientific analysis of the cause of the failure and eliminating the problems of the oil pump and the oil pipe, we judged that there should be a blockage in the oil hole at the location on the crankshaft. We can remove the crankshaft and find that there is a “dry grinding” phenomenon in the lifting block. The oil hole in this part is blocked by the lint. After the lint in the oil hole is removed, the machine is restarted. The feeding eccentricity and the lifting part are The oil is pulled out, indicating that the part is properly lubricated.

I have been wondering about the problem that the oil hole of the crankshaft is blocked by the cord. Because the oil passing through the filter core reaches the lubrication parts of the crankshaft, it will not be wired. After many inspections, the author finds that the part may be felt in the oil hole when it is installed. In this case, the feeding mechanism may be stuck.