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Technical characteristics of heat transfer machine
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1. Heat press machine is a new method of printing patterns on various materials. It is especially suitable for making a small variety of personalized and customized products, as well as printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. The principle is that the digital pattern is printed on the transfer special paper through the printer with special transfer ink, and then the special transfer machine is used to accurately transfer the pattern to the surface of the product at high temperature and high pressure to complete the printing of the product.

2, heat press machine technology can also use a variety of different transfer materials to achieve different printing effects, the most important are film transfer and sublimation transfer. The transfer paper transferred by the film contains gelatin, and the gel pattern is printed on the surface of the product in a high temperature and high pressure manner. Cool music net uses high quality imported transfer paper and ink. The glue pattern printed on this layer is very thin, and it is breathable, non-sticky, non-cracking, washable and not falling off. It is different from the domestic transfer paper used in many workshops. The printed gel pattern is thick and often has the disadvantage of sticking and cracking. Cool music net 100% cotton clothes are printed with film transfer technology. Sublimation transfer is a new generation of technology that uses special sublimation inks and sublimation transfer paper. The pattern printed on the product will not produce colloid. If it is transferred to the clothes, the ink will be sublimated directly into the clothing fiber. The reliability is the same as the cloth dyeing, and the color is sharp, which is more suitable for the colorful pattern.

3, heat transferable goods not all goods can be printed with heat press machine printing, involving the heat resistance, smoothness, ... and other factors. Due to the continuous advancement of technology, products that have been developed using heat press machine technology include: clothes, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mugs, tiles, watches, mouse pads, coasters, hanging calendars, medals, There are hundreds of kinds of goods such as pennants and .... Cool Music will continue to develop more personalized products using the latest heat press machine and other technologies, from head to toe, from wear to use, to meet your desire for unique heart.

4, the transfer of textiles Common textile transfer technology is film transfer and sublimation transfer.

(1) As of 2013, sublimation transfer technology is mainly suitable for clothing with polyester on the surface, such as quick-sweat shirts and physical comfort shirts, and the best in white clothes (the position of the printed pattern is white, But the rest of the clothes can be other colors, such as colored sleeves. After the coloring of the colored clothes is digitally sublimated, the ink blends with the colored fibers, which makes the color of the pattern different from the original. It is not recommended.

(2) Film transfer technology is mainly used for clothes with extremely high cotton content. All kinds of colors can be transferred by film, but dark clothes should use the higher price of "dark clothes special transfer paper", the glue is heavier and the quality is unstable. Cool music network does not introduce dark clothes transfer, and will be launched after the technology is more mature. The transfer ceramics of ceramic products adopts sublimation transfer, and the ink is sublimated to the commodity at a high temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius, and the color is sharp and the pattern is highly secure. However, the general mug cannot be directly transferred, and must be subjected to a special coating treatment before the pattern can be transferred.

5, can be used in leather, textile fabrics, plexiglass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, copperplate paper and other relative flat materials, for one-time multi-color, arbitrarily complex color, transition color printing digital printing machine, it does not Plate making, color registration and complicated drying process are required, which will not damage the material.

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