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The difference between blind stitching machine and ordinary blind stitching machine
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The blind stitching machine generally does not reveal the stitches on the front side, that is, the sewing marks are not visible on the surface of the clothes, thereby keeping the clothes neat and beautiful, so the name is obtained. There are two types of blind stitching machines: the edge-cutting machine and the tying machine. The working principle of the machine is similar to that of the seam type. The edger is a kind of blind stitch sewing machine specially used for sewing suits, coat collars, collar internal mixing flowers, jacket hem, cuffs and cuffs, and the tying machine is specially used for the suit threshold. Sewing of the lining. Most of the blind stitching machines are formed by single-needle single-line chain stitches.

        The blind stitching machine and the blind stitching machine belong to the same category in strict sense. Their working principle is similar to that of the seam type. Usually, some people call the blind stitching machine a blind stitching machine, and some blind stitching machines are called blind stitching machines. But there are some differences in the use and structure between the two. Generally speaking, the blind stitching machine mainly refers to the edge sewing machine, which is limited to sewing suits. The blind stitching machine has a wider range of applications, such as diving suits, surf packs, and beach pants. This type of machine adopts single-needle and double-line chain stitches, the stitches are more beautiful, and the stitches are not easy to fall off. Due to the blind stitching method, the stitched fabric can not see the sewing stitches from the surface, so that the clothes are kept. The original is neat and beautiful.