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Tips for using garment steamers
- Dec 14, 2018 -

First, try not to lack water. Although there are internal temperature protection measures, it is necessary to pay attention.

The second is maintenance. After using for a period of time, feel the gas volume is small, mix it with white vinegar and water 1:1, then pour it from the water inlet, shake it repeatedly, open the descaling valve at the bottom of the machine, let it go, then Rinse several times with water until there is essentially no smell of vinegar. The third is the technique of ironing clothes. The thick clothes use large power, and the thin clothes such as silk use small power, close to the point, and the speed is slow. In addition, when ironing pants, you can use the spray clip. If not, you can put the pants on a flat surface and replace the flat iron with a smooth metal nozzle to achieve flat pressing.

After use, apply a professional dust cover to prevent falling soil and prevent the color of the outer plastic from discoloring or yellowing.