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Concealed Zipper Presser Foot
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Choose a zipper that is 3cm longer than it actually needs

1.Pull the zipper open and iron the zipper teeth with a low temperature iron to expose the zipper root

2.Before installing the invisible zipper, iron a layer of ironing on the reverse side of the zipper and iron the seams with iron

4.Place the concealed zipper at the alignment seam and sew both sides of the concealed zipper on the seam allowance.

5.Cut the suture line on the fabric

6. Snap the zipper root into the guiding groove of the concealed zipper, and then zip the zipper on both sides of the zipper

7.pull the zipper head;

8.Fix the metal head to the opening of the zipper to prevent the zipper head from coming off.