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Feeding And Thread Hooking Mechanism
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Feeding mechanism

The sewing machine performs a mechanism for delivering the sewing material during sewing. The classification is: forward feeding mechanism; reverse feeding mechanism; transverse feeding mechanism; lower feeding mechanism; upper feeding mechanism; needle feeding mechanism; upper and lower composite feeding mechanism; upper and needle composite feeding mechanism; needle and lower composite feeding mechanism ; upper, needle, lower integrated feeding mechanism; differential feeding mechanism; roller feeding mechanism.

Thread hooking mechanism

When the sewing machine is sewing, after the needle thread is passed through the loop formed by the sewing material, a mechanism that hooks the loop to form a stitch is formed. The classification mainly includes: rotating hook line mechanism; rotary hook line mechanism; rotary hook line mechanism; swing hook line mechanism; shuttle hook line mechanism; curved needle hook line mechanism; line hook line mechanism, fork needle hook line mechanism.