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Hanging Vertical Steam Iron Buy Tips
- Jan 10, 2019 -

1 look at the heater

It depends on the hot machine heater, which is the inner tank. Now there are roughly four types of liners, plastic liners, aluminum liners, copper liners, and stainless steel liners, plastic liners, which have been basically eliminated, mainly aluminum liners and copper liners, stainless steel liners. Aluminum and copper liners have low steam pressure and are easy to scale. At the same time, the price is also more expensive. Nowadays, stainless steel liners are generally used. The steam pressure is high, and it is not easy to scale. At the same time, the price is relatively cheap and the service life is the longest. .

2 see function

To choose the features you need. At present, many hanging ironing machines not only have ironing function, but also have cleaning and cleaning functions. It is a good choice to buy a multi-function hanging vertical steam iron. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the hanging vertical steam iron has multiple gear steam adjustment settings. . Multi-position adjustment will make the clothes iron, easy and free to operate in one step.

3 see details

See if the product details are well designed. Hanging hot machine, when using the ironing brush, there will always be dripping water affecting the ironing effect. It is a good choice to choose a hanging vertical steam iron that can prevent condensation. At the same time, pay attention to the design of the ironing brush and set the unreasonable. Ironing, it may scratch the fabric, while ironing also has a dead angle. At present, the best ironing brush design is a triangular pressure ironing brush design, which does not leave a dead angle when ironing. At the same time, whether the water tank has a clean filter design, whether the host has a drainage design is critical, can effectively prevent the hot pot from scaling and improve the life of the machine.

4 see if it is convenient to use

See if it is convenient and safe to use. The convenient hanging vertical steam iron can make ironing freely, and it can be easily solved by facing piles of clothes. For example, hanging vertical steam iron and handle steam control design can save frequent bending to shut down or adjust.


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