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How To Choose A Sewing Machine Needle
- Dec 20, 2018 -

The selection of the needle needs to consider various aspects, including the type of equipment, the object of the sewing process, and the characteristics of the stitching.

First of all, various special sewing machines have different structural features and different sewing functions, so the needles used are different. For example, different types of sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, stretch sewing machines, and button sewing machines should be used.

Secondly, even on the same sewing machine, the use of the needle needs to be changed depending on the object to be sewn. The needle of the corresponding specification should be selected according to the characteristics of the fabric and the stitching of the sewing.

Practical experience tells us that under normal circumstances, it is more advantageous to use a small number of needles for sewing thin fabrics; long needles with large numbers should be used for sewing thick materials.

This is because the needle lengths of the two needles are the same, and the length of the needle bar is different. The length of the needle bar is basically equal to the length of the long needle groove. When sewing the thin material, the long groove of the short needle is enough to meet the actual needs; on the other hand, the fine needle is used for sewing the thin material, the length of the fine needle is short, and the machine is started. When the needle is affected by the vibration of the machine and the action of the thread take-up spring, it can effectively reduce the failure of some jump stitches or diagonal stitches. If the thin fabric is sewed with thick needles, the surface of the fabric will leave obvious pinholes, affecting The quality of the appearance of the garment. When sewing a thick material, if a short needle is used, it is easy to cause the thread of the needle to be broken by the needle when the needle moves to the lowest position because the needle groove is short, and the needle is also easily broken, thereby affecting Production efficiency and clothing quality, so long needles should be used for sewing thick materials.