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How To Make The Sewing Machine Move More Smoothly When It Works (One)
- Nov 05, 2018 -

In view of the problem that the sewing material is not smoothly fed or the sewing material moves back and forth, offset, etc. during the sewing process, various failure causes are analyzed, and an effective solution is provided.

In the modern garment production, when we operate the sewing equipment, we often encounter poor feeding of the sewing material or the sewing material moving back and forth, offset, etc., according to different situations often encountered in the actual operation, for different reasons. Analysis, I hope to provide useful help to the readers.

Sewing material go back and forth            

When we operate the sewing machine to sew the sewing material, it often happens that the sewing material moves back and forth, that is, one step forward and one step backward. This is caused by the too high feed dog teeth. The plane of the teeth exposing the needle plate is too high, and the teeth are always exposed to the outside of the needle plate to reciprocate, causing the sewing material to move back and forth.

Specific adjustment method: When adjusting, we loosen the lifting crank screw and gently press the tooth down with a screwdriver to lower the feeding tooth to the standard height, that is, the tooth is exposed to the needle plate 0.8 mm - 1 mm, and then tighten the crank Screw.

Sewing material does not move forward

The movement of the sewing material is transmitted by the teeth. When the sewing material does not move at all, we only need to find the fault on the teeth of the delivery tooth. If the tooth position is too low, the sewing material cannot move forward.

Specific adjustment method: When adjusting, we first lift the machine head, loosen the lifting crank screw, and then gently lift the tooth holder with a screwdriver, so that the feeding tooth can be exposed upwards from the needle plate by 0.8 mm to 1 mm. . The exposed gap mentioned here is the standard size of the tooth. As long as it is adjusted to this position, the sewing material can move normally. Finally, we tighten the screws and, when tightening the screws, also pull the nose.

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