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How To Repair The Sewing Machine Jump Stitch
- Nov 15, 2018 -

1. First, we check if the needle is installed correctly. It is best to change the needle.

2, if it still does not work, we then open the needle plate, turn the needle to the lowest position, look at the hook tip from the needle about 8mm. If yes, then raise the needle by about 2.3mm, and then see if the hook tip coincides with the center of the needle. At this time, the needle and the hook tip cannot be too tight, and there should be a gap of 0.1.

3, sometimes the needle is a little bit bent and jumps the needle, the easiest way is to try to change the needle. If you can't do it, then load it a little bit and try it a little bit, only a little bit, or it will Broken wire, sometimes such a simple operation is also very effective.

4. It is also related to the thinness of the needle and the things you sew. The thick needle should be thicker. If the needle is thin, the needle will jump. If it is thin, the needle will jump when it is thick.

5, because the machine has to be maintained, the teeth on the machine, the place below the shuttle is cleared, and then put some oil