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How To Solve The Stretch Sewing Machine Pressing Zipper Stop Without Floating Line
- Nov 27, 2018 -

The problem that the stretch sewing machine does not float when pressing the zipper stop usually occurs when the thick line is used. What we usually say is "the case of thick line" means whether the upper line is thick or the lower line is thick, or Both upper and lower lines use thick lines.

What we need to pay attention to is that the different combinations of the upper and lower thickness of the stretch sewing machine will definitely produce different sewing effects. Normally, the upper and lower lines should be selected as thick, but sometimes they are not noticed in actual operation. We have chosen the upper line to be thicker, the lower line to be thinner, or the upper line to be thinner and the lower line to be thicker, so the former is not prone to floating line failure. Even if there is a floating line fault, it is easier to solve; the latter is prone to floating faults, and it is more difficult to solve.

In view of this, we suggest to change the needle to the thick one, and try to slow down the feeding time of the feeding tooth to solve the problem.