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How To Use The Household Sewing Machine Needle Correctly
- Jan 15, 2019 -

The needle of the household sewing machine is different from the needle of the industrial sewing machine. The needle of the needle of the industrial sewing machine is a circular cylinder, and the needle of the needle of the household sewing machine is cut off on the circular cylinder, so that the beginner who does not use the sewing machine is convenient. installation.

The standard of the sewing machine needle is universal, and there are No. 9, No. 11, No. 14, No. 16. The smaller the model, the finer the needle, the larger the number, the thicker the needle.

No. 9 and No. 11 needles are suitable for thin fabrics (hoth, fine cloth, thin cotton, georgette, warp knitted fabric).

No. 14 is suitable for medium fabrics (linen, cotton, enamel, double-layer, high-density muslin).

No. 16 is suitable for thick fabrics (denim, twill, gabardine, coated fabric, wool fabric, canvas).

Needle test method: Roll the needle on the plane of the needle plate, glass, etc. The gap between the needle and the plate should be the same (the curved needle cannot be used).

Thin fabrics with thin and fine needles, pinholes are not too large; thick materials can be used to penetrate the fabric with thick needles without damaging the needle.

The pinhole of the needle is the part of the needle that carries the needle thread through the sewing material. The machining around the pinhole must be very smooth and uniform, and the suture is free to pass through the pinhole. Only when the needle is in use, there will be no wire breakage. One of the reasons for frequent disconnection is caused by pinhole burrs. The test method is to thread the thread into the pinhole, so that the needle can slide freely up and down, and the burr can be seen at a glance.

There are needle slots on both sides of the pinhole. One is a long groove, which is a short groove. When the needle passes through the fabric, the sewing thread can be freely moved. Otherwise, the sewing thread will be pressed by the sewing material on the side of the needle.

Needle material quality: Inferior machine needle is very soft, the needle is easy to be dislocated when sewing, the misalignment of the needle causes the needle to directly hit the needle plate, and the needle breaks.

The needle tip should be smooth and free of spikes and rust spots, thus reducing the need for the needle to cut the fabric fibers.