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Inner Core Of Hanging Steamer Machine
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The heater is the "heart" of the ironing machine. According to the different materials of the heater, there are mainly aluminum alloy heaters, all-copper heaters, copper-plastic heaters, and zinc alloy heaters.

Advantages of aluminum alloy heater: no crack in one molding, low heat loss, good energy storage effect, fast heat conduction, uniform steam, simple process and low production cost. It is not easy to accumulate scale and has a relatively long service life.

Advantages of all-copper heater: fast heating, large and uniform fogging; long service life, can reach more than 8 years; surface is not easy to scale, eliminating the trouble of regular cleaning; disadvantages are complicated processing, high cost and high price .

The advantages of copper-plastic heaters and zinc alloy heaters are low cost and low price. The disadvantages are short service life, slow heat conduction and uneven steam.