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Introduction To The Roller Heat Press Machine Model
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1. The whole machine is designed for roller running and bottom conveying with synchronous tooth connection to ensure the consistency between the roller and the bottom ironing cloth.

2.The cylinder is heated by oil temperature, sealing and heat preservation control system, high temperature precision

3.Adopting stepless speed, it is more suitable for the demand speed and pressing time of the producer

4. This machine is equipped with pneumatic automatic anti-deviation device and pneumatic pressure regulating device to ensure the adjustable range of pressure and uniformity of pressure.

5. This machine is equipped with a timing shutdown device to ensure the heating roller cooling time and avoid damage to the felt belt. And with power-off protection device,

In the event of an unexpected power failure, the felt strip is automatically removed from the heating roller to avoid burning the felt strip.

roller machine-14