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Main Components Of Industrial Flat Sewing Machine
- Oct 23, 2018 -

1, take-up lever stroke

The distance between the threading holes on the thread take-up rod between the two limits of one cycle of motion

2, needle bar stroke

The distance between a point on the needle bar at the two extreme positions of the needle bar movement

3, sewing speed

The number of times the sewing machine has acupuncture per minute, the unit is: needle / min, the highest sewing speed: the highest number of needles that the sewing machine can withstand under normal sewing conditions; working sewing speed: the sewing machine can withstand continuous and safe operation under normal sewing conditions The highest sewing speed.

4, thread

Sewing thread. Generally, it is made of cotton thread, chemical fiber thread, metal wire, and the like. The main categories are: needle thread; shuttle line; looper thread; stretcher; cover line

5, stitches

The sewing machine needle is a unit formed by one or more stitches, self-joining, mutually or intertwined on the sewing material, each time the sewing material is passed.

6, presser

A member that applies pressure on the surface of the sewing material. The presser foot can be divided into a flat sewing machine presser foot, an overlock sewing machine presser foot and a special machine presser foot according to the performance of the sewing machine. The presser foot is divided into ordinary presser foot and special presser foot according to its function. There are many types of special pressers, such as crimping presser, feed presser and double needle presser.

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7, material trimming device

During the sewing process, the sewing device is removed. In the overlock sewing machine and the flat sewing machine with a knife, there is a device for cutting off the waste edge of the sewing material. There is a device for removing waste leather in a sewing machine for sewing leather. In the automatic sewing machine, there is a device for cutting a sewing tape, a decorative tape, or the like.

8, punching winder

A device for opening a hole in a sewing process during sewing. There is a device for unlocking the eyelet in the buttonhole machine. There is a device for opening the pattern hole in the embroidery machine.

9, other devices

Other devices include: automatic dialing device, automatic thread trimming device, automatic needle stop device, oil suction device, lubricating device and the like.