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Maintenance Knowledge Of Sewing Machine
- Nov 03, 2018 -

Equipment maintenance usually has two meanings, one is the meaning of preventive maintenance, the other is the meaning of production and maintenance, and the two are combined for equipment maintenance.

Preventive maintenance means regular inspection or regular care before the machine is broken.

The so-called production and maintenance refers to how to reduce production costs and improve product quality.

Three-stage maintenance of sewing equipment

Sewing equipment maintenance is an effective way to rely on everyone, give full play to their enthusiasm, implement scientific management, and do a good job in equipment maintenance.

1, Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of the sewing equipment is carried out by the operator. The ordinary equipment is used to check the equipment 5 to 10 minutes before or after the shift. The key equipment is used to carefully check the equipment before or 10 to 15 minutes after the shift. It is also required to wipe all parts of the machine and add lubricating oil, so that the equipment is always kept neat, tidy, lubricated, safe, and the equipment in the shift is faulty and promptly excluded.

2, The first level of maintenance

One-time maintenance is required for the machine to operate for one month (one shift). The first-level maintenance is the responsibility of the operator. The machine repairs and guides the work. The parts are partially disassembled and inspected and cleaned according to the requirements. The oil pipelines, pipelines, oil lines, linoleum, oil filter, and equipment are adjusted. Tighten the loose screws.

3, Secondary maintenance

In addition to the first-level maintenance content, the second-level maintenance is responsible for the whole work of the machine maintenance, once every other year, partial disassembly inspection and repair of the equipment, replacement or repair of worn parts, cleaning, oil change, inspection and repair of electrical parts, The local recovery accuracy meets the requirements of the normal operation of the machine.