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Needle Quality Discrimination
- Jan 15, 2019 -

The quality of the needle is examined from the following aspects:

1. Glitch: The needle tip and pinhole of a good needle are smooth; the needle tip burr of poor quality is easy to puncture the fabric fiber, destroying the fabric, and the pinhole is enlarged; the poor quality needle pinhole burr is in the high speed operation of the sewing machine It is easy to hang up the suture.

2, steel quality: good needle steel, good toughness, poor quality of the needle because the carbon content is not in place, it appears too soft or too brittle, soft performance in the needle is easy to deform, in the normal sewing process, If the force is too large, the needle will bend, the needle will touch the needle plate, causing the needle to bend; the brittleness is not enough in the steel of the needle. During the normal sewing process, the sewing material is slightly thicker, and the strength of the fabric is slightly larger. The point will break the needle.

There are several ways to check the quality of the needle:

1. Whether there is a burr at the tip of the needle can be discerned by fingers, and the contact angle is constantly changed. This method can directly feel whether the needle tip has burrs;

2. Whether there is a burr in the pinhole through the threading detection, the sewing thread is passed through the pinhole, the line is preferably long, and the two ends of the line are clamped, and the direction of the needle is changed back and forth, and the needle can be dropped from the following, indicating that the needle hole is smooth, and vice versa. There must be burrs in the pinhole.

3. The method of checking whether the needle is bent is also very simple. Place the needle on a smooth horizontal surface and roll the needle by hand. The needle is always parallel, indicating that the needle is not bent, and the needle and the plane cannot be consistent. It can be concluded that the needle has been bent.