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New Opportunities For Embroidery Sewing Machines
- Oct 26, 2018 -

With the deep penetration of economic globalization, people's consumption concepts have undergone great changes, and consumer psychology has become increasingly mature. People no longer follow the trend with the wind, but begin to talk about fashion, taste, and choose the product that suits them best according to their own identity, temperament, personal hobbies and affordability. People pursue the individualization of consumption, and strive to avoid consumption. The individualized demand sets off a new climax of consumption in all walks of life. It penetrates into various fields such as jewelry, gifts, clothing, shoes and hats, bags, headwear, etc. For the embroidery industry, it is a New development opportunities.


——Enterprise development opportunities in the era of personalized customization

Where there are unmet needs, there are opportunities for business development. Personalized customization is directly targeted at each consumer and can take advantage of the smallest market opportunities to provide a broader space for the development of the enterprise. In a highly competitive market, whoever best meets the needs of consumers can win consumers. Fashion, accessories, toys, gifts and many other private items that require exquisite embroidery craftsmanship are highly valued by people. Personalized customization is the most popular way of consumption. There is no doubt that the embroidery industry will have a lot to offer in the era of personalized customization.

——Single head embroidery machine for personalization

Myekoo has been working hard to develop embroidery machines that are more suitable for the company. Under the transformation of the global economic production and sales model, the newly developed commercial embroidery machine and home embroidery machine came into being, fully complying with the requirements of “customized speed, exquisite embroidery, various styles and easy operation” required by personalized embroidery customization. condition. More text transmission, hand-painted and other functions; a pair of multi-function can send tasks to each embroidery machine, equipped with different frames to cope with different types of product embroidery, while avoiding the possibility of U disk copying caused by the wrong pattern, or version With a leak, even if there are more types of orders, don't worry about confusing orders and sending the wrong goods! The unique personality of the body color breaks the traditional dull and is more favored by customers.