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Noise Solution Of The Lockstitch Sewing Machine
- Nov 05, 2018 -

     When the equipment sounds, especially when the noise is loud, we often need to pay special attention to eliminate the hidden troubles of the equipment in advance to avoid accidents or defective products.

The so-called "noise" refers to the abnormal friction sound, impact sound and loose sound that occur when the sewing machine is working at high speed. Uneven noise occurs in the sewing machine. We can identify where the machine malfunctions from the following aspects, and how to deal with these noises.

1. The tooth surface of the bevel gear meshes at different heights, causing noise when the gear is running at high speed. We can loosen the fastening screws of the bevel gears with different tooth surfaces.

When loosening the bushing fastening screw that is in contact with the bevel gear shaft, we should use a hammer to knock the high and low positions of the spur gear engagement, and then tighten the bevel gear and the bushing fastening screw respectively.

2. The sound is caused by the axial looseness of the upper, vertical and lower shafts. We can loosen the two fastening screws of the gear and re-adjust the axial clearance of the vertical shaft and the upper and lower shafts.

3. The meshing clearance of the bevel gear tooth surface is too large or too small, causing an audible fault. We can correct by tapping the sleeve. Generally, the gear gap of a pair of gears is between 0.20mm and 0.40mm.

4. The quality of the gear is not good. Add a small amount of abrasive paste on the two pairs of meshing teeth. We rotate the upper wheel by hand and put it for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. In addition, we can use kerosene to clean the dirt, add a little lubricant, and then adjust the gap as required.

5. The clearance between the hook and the positioning hook is too large. We can adjust the gap between the hook and the positioning hook in the range of 0.45mm~0.65mm.

6. Lack of oil in the moving parts due to a malfunction of the oil circuit system. We check or adjust the oil supply to the oil system.

7. The rack or head is not installed smoothly. For this, we can adjust the rack or the head to make it smooth.