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Reasons For Broken Seams And Jumpers And Treatment Methods Of The Lockstitch Sewing Machine
- Nov 02, 2018 -

During the sewing process, the sewing machine generates broken wires and jumpers. The general situation is caused by incorrect installation of the needle and bending of the needle, incorrect threading, and a broken line of the thread at the line. The position of the needle, jumper and needle bar is unreasonable. The time position and cooperation of the needle and the hook are unreasonable. The tip of the needle has wear and burrs. The working state of the presser foot is not good or the looseness caused by the thin material is broken. Lines, jumpers, etc.;

Treatment method: After the new machine needle is installed, the suture is put in the correct way, such as the wire mark on the line, and the line mark is polished. When the needle bar is at the bottom point, the distance between the lower end of the needle bar and the plane of the needle plate is measured with a ruler. Adjust the “1” end. When the needle bar is raised in the middle of the needle plate, use the “2” end of the scale to insert the middle of the needle bar and the needle plate, and loosen the hook shaft fixing screw until the tip of the needle reaches the center of the needle. Fasten, be sure to pay attention to the gap between the needle and the tip of the needle is 0.05mm, repair the burr of the shuttle tip, replace the new hook with severe wear, the pressure of the presser foot is different, and replace the shaft screw for the presser foot. If the presser foot is larger than the buttonhole, use a presser foot suitable for the buttonhole size, and use a special presser for the thin material and the knitted fabric when sewing the thin material.