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Reasons For The Needle Break Of The Extraction Embroidery Sewing Machine
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Since the extraction embroidery sewing machine is a thin material machine, it is easy to break the needle when it is too thick. There are many reasons for needle breakage. Although the reaction is on the needle plate mouth, there is actually a big difference. It is mainly checked and adjusted from the following aspects.

The reason for broken needle

(1) When the chemical fiber fabric is thick, the needle cannot penetrate the thick material, and the broken needle is generated.

(2) When the material is too thick, the needle is just stabbed downward, and the needle is placed inside the T-shaped perforating rod. At this time, the needle cannot be broken due to the tightness of the fabric to the side of the T-shaped perforating rod.

(3) When the upper thread is too thin, it is not felt. When the thick material is encountered, it is very difficult to puncture the thick material by the needle itself. Then add the upper thread and tighten the needle, so that the needle tip is easily inserted obliquely at the mouth of the needle plate. A broken needle is produced.

(4) The time of feeding movement and the time of needle movement are too late. When the needle is pierced, the feeding movement has not stopped. If the material is too thick, the needle tip will push the needle tip to the edge of the needle plate to produce a broken needle.