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Rhinestone Hot Fix Machine Troubleshooting
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1. Fault phenomenon: no power indication

Cause analysis and solution:

1) The plug is not plugged in, measures: plug in the plug; 2) the fuse is broken, measure: replace the different specifications

Fuse; 3) The power switch is damaged, measure: replace the power switch; 4) Other, measures: contact the manufacturer for repair;

2. Insufficient output or no sound waves

Cause analysis and solution:

1) Nozzle cracking or mold cracking, measures: replacement of nozzles and molds; 2) equipment failure, measures: contact factory maintenance;

3. Nozzle fever

Cause analysis and solution:

The nozzle is aging and the nozzle is replaced;

4. No suction

Cause analysis and solution:

The pipe is not connected, or the filter is clogged, the vacuum pump is broken, and measures: replace the relevant equipment;