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Sewing Machine Industry Prospect Analysis
- Jan 15, 2019 -

From the trend of change in the past few years, the fabrics, varieties and colors of our country will be greatly developed. The adjustment of the sewing machine structure in China will also contribute to the development of China's garment industry.

1. Strong domestic demand brings opportunities. With the determination of the national health theme and the change of consumer attitudes, as well as the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people, the demand for clothing will become higher and higher, and the high demand for clothing will inevitably bring high demand for sewing equipment, while sewing The development of equipment will also promote the development of the apparel industry.

2. After joining the WTO, it opened up the opportunity for clothing export space. China's garments will expand from non-quota areas. By 2005, exports may increase by 40% to reach US$46 billion. At present, orders for processing in China have increased significantly, and it is inevitable to update sewing equipment. Asia is the main production base for clothing, and China is a major exporter of sewing equipment and clothing.

3. The global status of sewing equipment will be stronger. With the establishment and launch of Beijing Shanghai International Seam Matching City, the status of China's sewing equipment will be further consolidated, and it will surely attract more sewing equipment buyers from all over the world.

4. The modification and improvement space of the sewing equipment will increase and bring opportunities.

5. As the export tax rebate for textiles and garments has also brought vitality to enterprises, some small and medium-sized enterprises have increased their suits and shirts with higher profits. In order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and the quality of export products, the requirements for sewing equipment have been It is getting higher and higher, and it is the same time. The addition of more SMEs also brings great opportunities.

6. Update market opportunities during the renovation period. The industrial sewing machine renewal cycle is generally about 5-10 years. From the domestic situation, it was the climax of upgrading from the domestic machine to the industrial machine in the early 1990s. With the re-emergence of the clothing industry, the transformation period is bound to drive the market.