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Sewing Machine Seam Presser
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Accurate seaming fabric, stitching stitching, and lace mounting

Fine pleat

1.fold a piece of fabric in half, opposite the opposite side, and then iron

2.Snap the crease close to the left side of the joint presser foot guide groove;

3.Open the fabric after sewing

Seam two fabrics

1.Align the edges of the cloth or lace, etc., on both sides of the guide, face up

2.The guiding device is close to the seam and begins to suture.

Sewing even seams

1.Align the cloth edge of the fabric with the guide groove of the seam presser foot

2.Adjust the needle position so that the needle drop point is at the ideal position from the edge of the cloth.

Then put the low pressure foot lifter and lower the needle

3.Start sewing.