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Sewing Machine Using Tips
- Oct 23, 2018 -

During the use of the sewing machine, many faults can be solved simply on the work surface, but there is no need to ask the mechanic to make a big move, such as dialing the switch or even replacing the needle once. If it works, it can avoid long time. The stoppage of the ground and the disappointment caused by the dismantling of the machine. The following is a list of some minor faults that occur frequently during the sewing process and how to remove them for your reference.

1. Sudden stoppage during sewing; the power indicator light is on, but the handwheel is heavy and stagnate.

Possible cause (hereinafter referred to as “cause”): The sewing machine is working at a low speed for a long time; the machine may overheat and the motor power may be automatically turned off.

Solution (hereinafter referred to as "solving"): Turn off the power and wait for 20 minutes, the fuse will restart, and the sewing machine is ready to start working.

2, do not take the needle

Cause: The upper thread is used up; the presser foot is not lowered; the bobbin thread is not in the correct position.

Solution: Replace the empty spool, re-recognize the needle; lower the presser foot; press the bobbin thread to the bottom and return to the left; lower the buttonhole.

3, the sewing machine wants to stop

Cause: The presser foot does not match or the needle strikes the presser foot; the needle falls off and snaps into the crochet.

Solution: Replace the presser foot; remove the needle and install a new needle.

4, the upper line is broken

Cause: improper on-line method; line knotting; excessive thread tension; needle bending, blunt tip or blisters; needle type is not suitable; needle placement is not proper; needlework is improperly matched; sewing initial speed is too fast; threading is not picked Wire cutter.

Solution: Re-normally go online; eliminate line knotting; adjust the tensioner pressure; replace the needle; replace the needle of the appropriate type; properly position the needle; change the thread or change the needle; start the sewing machine at medium speed; check the online procedure .

5, the bottom line is broken

Cause: The bobbin is not fully inserted into the bobbin case; the bobbin is wound by the thread; the bobbin runs poorly in the bobbin case; there is a yarn in the bobbin case or on the shuttle.

Solution: Carefully reload the bobbin into the bobbin case; tidy the bobbin case out; check the bobbin for damage; clean the bobbin case and the bobbin.

6, jumper

Cause: The thread tension is too large; the needle is bent or dull; the needle number is wrong; the needle thread is mismatched; the thread is not passed through the thread take-up rod; the presser foot pressure is not enough; the needle is improperly placed.

Solution: adjust the thread tension; replace the needle; select the appropriate needle; replace the needle or use the thread; check the threading step; increase the pressure of the presser foot;