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Special Sewing Machine
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Special sewing machine refers to a sewing machine for service industry between household sewing machines and industrial sewing machines. The types are: strapping machine, cloth inspection machine, wire machine, knotting machine, adhesive lining machine, multi-functional fancy machine and so on.

Bundling machine

Type: computer automatic cutting and binding machine, pneumatic frequency conversion semi-automatic cutting and binding machine, automatic edge-to-edge folding machine, strapping machine

Function: Suitable for cloth, leather, paper, wood, chemical fiber, etc. The material is cut into strips of various specifications. Features: The electric eye is automatically aligned with the edge, and the cloth is folded in half by the folding frame, and the coded display code is also provided. It can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the shortage of manpower.

Configuration: Pneumatic displacement, positioning, high-precision gauge, variable frequency speed control, spindle cutter, arbitrarily change the cutting speed according to different material components, no need to worry about the incision adhesion.