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Special Sewing Machine
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Wire machine

The introduction is also known as the stamp tooth edge sewing machine, also known as the double needle small circle embroidery pattern sewing machine.

As long as the special sewing machine goes on the fabric, a regular hole is made on the cloth, and the holes are fixed by the stitch at the same time. Even more amazing is that after cutting from the middle of these holes, it becomes a beautiful side like a stamp tooth. The old pair of wire machine does not have a cutter and a mop wheel. At present, the W119P/K wire-twisting machine with a knife and a tugboat has matured and won the praise of customers. At this point, the search for the silk machine with the knife and the tug will be another mature and stable weapon in the garment production industry. The computerized wire machine has strong maneuverability, beautiful sewing stitches, high efficiency, and easy operation of the lathe. Uses: Suitable for sewing of beautiful decoration. For example: women's wear, shirts, handkerchiefs, ties, tablecloths, bed sheets, quilt covers, etc. Features: 1. Adopting a serrated belt drive, it can make the high-speed sewing even smooth and low noise. 2. Special presser foot design, smooth and seamless sewing. 3. The beautiful and diverse seams can significantly increase the value and difference of clothing products.

Type: wire machine, with knife to wire machine, with knife to wire car, mail tooth edge, stamp tooth edge sewing machine, double needle small circle embroidery machine.