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Special Sewing Machine
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Sticking machine

Performance 1. Continuous operation to improve production efficiency.

2. The automatic snake correction device ensures that the upper and lower conveyor belts do not deviate.

3. Use high quality seamless conveyor belt for durability.

4. The temperature control part is divided into two parts to control the front and rear temperature; the latest digital thermostat is used to achieve accurate temperature control.

5. The pressure can be adjusted simply and accurately. (Pressure can be mechanical or pneumatic)

6. It is equipped with anti-wrinkle roller, which is easy to adjust and can handle all kinds of fabrics.

7. The new type of blade has stronger durability and can accurately peel the fabric from the belt.

8. Equipped with mesh belt conveyor for good cooling effect

Features: This machine is specially designed for independent two-stage pressurization. The pressure roller is made of silica gel-coated cylinder pressurization method to ensure that the pressure is stable and evenly distributed at every point on the drum to ensure the best bonding effect.

The independent two-stage heating system is controlled by a microcomputer temperature controller to achieve the desired temperature.

Special monitoring system can monitor heating system, belt correction system and motor, pressure and so on. The machine that generates abnormal motion will automatically discriminate, making maintenance work easier and improving production efficiency.

Automatic timed belt cleaning system ensures that the belt works at optimum cleanliness without affecting the surface of the fabric.

Type: Adhesive lining machine, automatic adjustment of 900 adhesive lining machine, automatic adjustment of air pressure 900 adhesive lining machine.