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Special Sewing Machine Inspection Machine
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Cloth inspection machine

Technical features: 1. This machine is especially suitable for testing high-quality flat-width knitted fabrics; 2. The flat-panel cloth feeding device is tightly packed;

3, the package cloth into the cloth device;

4. The speed of the tension bar is adjusted before and after the adjustment, so that the cloth is inspected without tension;

5, the cloth inspection station with built-in lighting box, its oblique design makes the inspection work easier and more convenient, and the speed is higher;

6, the electronic length gauge can accurately calculate the length of the cloth;

7. The electric eye traces the opposite side device to make the winding on the edge of the cloth more tidy;

8. The working platform is installed in the middle of the inspection table and the winding device;

9, the top lighting device;

10. Double roll type winding device;

11. Automatic stop device at the end of the cloth;

12, blowing device;

13, the flip-flops spread the cloth to make the cloth open

Type: cloth inspection machine, knitting inspection machine, woven inspection machine, tension-free inspection machine, multi-function inspection machine, needle shuttle dual-use inspection machine, denim inspection machine

Uses: Used to inspect thick materials, heavy cloth, oxford cloth, woven fabric inspection cloth, cloth inspection, volume code, roll cloth and folding. Configuration: variable frequency stepless speed regulation, high precision intelligent electronic coder, liquid crystal display data, electric eye automatic edge, electric eye monitoring and distribution, no cloth stop, combing and curling cloth shaft, front roll rewinding fabric, upper and lower lamp panel , electronic tension adjustment, emergency stop switch, universal casters.