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The Kinds Of Heat Transfer Machine
- Oct 22, 2018 -

1, according to the shape of the ironing board and the use of functions: 

a:flat heat press machine (mainly used for clothing and apparel fabrics size specifications)

heat press machine-207no

b.cup heat printing machine (can be hot cylindrical objects, generally used for cups)

heat press machine-21

c. cap heat printing machine (with a circular arc, generally used for finished caps)

heat press machine-219no

d. plate heat printing machine (also flat, but can be hot stamped with hard surfaces such as porcelain metal).

heat press machine-245no

2, according to the operating power points: 

a.manual heat transfer machine

heat press machine-205no

b.pneumatic heat transfer machine

heat press machine-62

c.hydraulic press machine

heat press machine-135

d. automatic heat press machine.

roller machine-14

3. According to the organization: ordinary type, high pressure type, shaking head type, air pressure type, oil pressure type, etc.