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The Solution Of High Speed Computer Sewing Machine Does Not Cut The Line
- Nov 02, 2018 -

When using a high-speed computer sewing machine, sometimes there is no thread trimming. For this problem, we can take the following methods to check and repair.

First of all, we judge whether the trimming signal is issued (recommended to remove the needle plate, do not thread the thread, see if the moving knife works or not), if there is no trimming signal, check if the wiring plug is loose, if there is any problem with the control box, then Exclude one by one.

Secondly, in the off state, we put the line on the moving knife and push the knife by hand to see if the line can be cut. If the cut is continuous, it may be caused by moving the knife, the knife is not sharp enough, the gap is large, etc. The method of elimination is to adjust according to the correct method, or to repair and replace the movable knife.

Again, the position of the moving knife is not in place, we can re-adjust the moving stroke and initial position of the sewing machine as required.

Finally, the trimming cam time is not correct, we re-adjust the cutting time of the moving knife as required.