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The Solution Of The Overlock Sewing Machine With A Single Needle Does Not Go Up.
- Oct 30, 2018 -

For the problem that “the single stitch of the overlock sewing machine is not on the line”, we think that the overlock sewing machine has at least two needles. Why do we only use single needles? Do you use a single needle to become a chain stitch? The thread can not be put on the overlock sewing machine. This fault may be caused by the jump stitch. If we remove the jump stitch fault, the problem will be solved.

 If we really want to use a needle, we should also use the middle needle to remove the left and right needles. For the two needle overlock sewing machine, it is best to remove the right needle and use the needle on the left.

 Adjust the sealing height of the CNC beading machine

Adjusting the height of the sealing needle of the CNC beading machine, the author suggests to adjust the height position of the sealing pin after replacing the new sealing needle and the normal working wear, that is, when the needle is at the top dead center, the sealing needle should be closed. The opening of the needle is such that it exceeds 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm at the opening of the needle.

Specific adjustment method: When the needle is at the top dead center, we open the valve cover of the gas lift cylinder, use a 2 mm Allen key (random tool) to extend from the fastening screw, and loosen the fastening screw inside. Turn the adjusting nut to adjust the height of the sealing pin. We turn clockwise, the needle is raised, counterclockwise, and the needle is lowered. When adjusting the position of the sealing needle, we should pay attention to make the sealing needle of the beading machine exceed the opening of the needle by 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm. In addition, after the adjustment, we must tighten the fastening screws.