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The Type And Function Of The Sewing Machine Presser Foot
- Nov 08, 2018 -

The sewing machine presser foot is an indispensable part in the feeding mechanism of the sewing machine. Various types of sewing machine presser foot play a very important role in the production process, such as the sewing machine presser foot for the line and the hidden zipper. It is very important to use different sewing machine pressers in different sewing operations, such as pleating the sewing machine presser foot.

Here we introduce the types and functions of the current sewing machine presser foot:

1. The cloth strip presser foot can easily sew the edge strip of 7 mm width or less on the cloth side by using the cloth strip presser foot.

2. Nail button presser foot The presser foot position corresponds to the needle mark on the fabric button.

3. The zipper presser foot is used for ordinary zipper sewing, and can also be used for weaving and sew sewing.

4. Ordinary crimping foot is suitable for thin and light fabrics.

5. The welt foot is also called the covered foot, which is usually used for weaving and sewing.

6. The sewing edge presser foot presser foot is used to assist the seaming operation of the fabric.

7. Jacquard presser foot is used to sew decorative fabrics, tassels or other.

8. Synchronous presser foot The presser foot is a very useful presser foot that can be used to keep multiple layers of striped plaid.

9. The roller presser foot is suitable for sewing fragile, smooth or sticky fabrics, such as velvet, plastic, leather or other similar fabrics, and also prevents the elastic fabric from being elongated and causing unsatisfactory sewing.

10. Round pattern presser foot is used to sew various round patterns, which can be rounded with different sizes and the same center.

11. Invisible zipper foot This attachment of the upper zipper completely presses the zipper, and after sewing, the zipper is not visible from the front.

12. Center linear presser foot. Sewing delicate lines with a central straight presser foot, generally used for sewing thin or ultra-thin materials, elastic fabrics. Its flat bottom helps to flatten the fabric and prevent the fabric from wrinkling or jumping.

13. The use of the bead string presser foot can easily sew the bead string on the clothes for decoration, and the diameter of the bead string needs to be below 4 mm.

14. Free embroidery foot. Used for darning, embroidering, free quilting. The presser foot will rise and fall with the needle, and the fabric can move when the presser foot rises, and the fabric is flattened when the presser foot is lowered, so that the stitch is formed.

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