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The Type Of Presser Foot Can Be Distinguished By Material And Use.
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Common presser materials are:

       First, the metal presser foot

       Metal pressers are most common on sewing equipment. The metal presser foot is durable, wear-resistant, suitable for a wide range, and is not easily deformed. The metal presser foot is mostly made of all-steel material, and the surface is chrome-plated and nickel-plated. The chrome-plated presser foot is bright and wear-resistant, and the nickel-plated presser foot surface is dull and anti-oxidation.

       Second, the resin presser foot

       Resin presser has less pressure on the fabric and has a large friction between the surface and the fabric, which is not easy to slip. It has been widely used in sewing machines in recent years, especially for sewing light and smooth fabrics, coated fabrics, leather fabrics, etc. obvious advantage. The main advantage of the resin presser foot is that the feeding is uniform, the pressure is small, and no dent marks are left. However, the resin presser foot has a short service life. When using it, pay attention to check the smoothness of the bottom of the presser foot. Do not burr, avoid the hook wire of the fabric, and do not let the presser foot and the feed dog directly contact the empty machine, otherwise the bottom of the presser foot will wear out. obvious.

       Third, transparent plastic presser foot

       The transparent plastic presser foot is currently mainly used on the embroidery machine, the pattern machine and the button machine, and the transparent presser foot is convenient for observing the sewing state. The use of the presser foot is chosen in conjunction with the process requirements of the sewing process.