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Two Important Details Of The Sewing Machine Assembly
- Nov 03, 2018 -

The first assembly or overhaul of the sewing machine has a great impact on the performance of the machine. The sewing machine with poor assembly quality has low precision, poor performance, loud sound, heavy torque and short life; on the contrary, some parts with low precision are carefully With the choice of assembly and precise adjustment, it is still possible to assemble equipment with better performance.

During the assembly process, some links are easily overlooked, which often have a significant impact on the quality of the assembly and require attention.

1, To ensure that parts are clean

Careful cleaning and cleaning to ensure that the sewing machine parts are clean is the basis for ensuring assembly quality and extending the life of the sewing machine. In particular, bushings, bearings, oil pumps, and parts with rotating and oscillating fittings should be carefully cleaned.

If the various shaft components are not cleaned, the temperature of the bushing is too high and the transmission torque is too heavy. In severe cases, the debris will accelerate and wear, causing serious problems such as “biting”.

2, According to the program operation

Sewing machine parts that have been subjected to surface baking, electroplating, etc., have adhesive layers on the joint surfaces (including holes, grooves, planes, and screw holes). Therefore, before assembly, such parts must be processed according to the process. Technical requirements, first finishing, and then into the assembly state.

If the assembly does not meet the specified technical requirements, the sewing machine will not work properly. The mutual position between the components is not correct, which also affects the working performance of the sewing machine.