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Use The Hanging Vertical Steam Iron Tip
- Jan 10, 2019 -

1. When ironing, gently pull the hem of the clothes and try to flatten the folds, so the effect will be more obvious.

2, when ironing the collar, turn the collar over and burn it, it will be hot. It is best to have an ironing assistant, the ironing assistant is very effective for ironing collars, dead corners and other places.

Because the collar angle is relatively small, remember to wear anti-scalding gloves when using it to prevent burns.

3. Different fabrics use different gear positions. Thick clothing with large gears, large steam, high temperature, ironing effect is more obvious; light and thin clothing with small gear, small steam, low temperature, to avoid burns clothing.

It is best to buy multiple gears when purchasing, and ironing is more convenient.

4. After the clothes are ironed, they should not be placed directly in the closet. The remaining steam will make the clothes moldy and need to be aired for a while.

5. It is easy to wrinkle the clothes after the clothes are finished.

6, the clothes that are ironed should not be stacked, it is recommended to hang up, not too crowded, otherwise it is easy to wrinkle.